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Key Rates v0.1.0 [Mar 31, 2011]
Change the keyboard repeat rate of your Palm OS device. more...

KeySwitch v1.0 [May 13, 2008]
KeySwitch is a basic key remapping utility which remaps keys on an app by app basis. more...

Khroma v2.3.2 [Feb 20, 2004]
Khroma is a simple program which allows interactive selection of colors for the PalmOS user interface. more...

KhromaQC v1.0 [Jan 19, 2003]
KhromaQC is a new front end to the Khroma database which allows quick, single tap setting of a color scheme and screen depth. more...

Kiosk v0.81b [Mar 12, 2005]
Kiosk is a hack/DA combination that allows you to lock your Palm to a single application. more...

Launcher III v2.2 [Jul 20, 2007]
Launcher III is an application launcher where applications are organized in tabs. more...

LEDOff v0.2.3 [Jul 8, 2005]
If you don't like the pulsing LED of your Treo600 or Treo650, LEDOff is for you: enable LEDOff, and it will disable the LED! Really, don't ask me why, I do LOVE my pulsing LED, but some users have requested such a stand-alone application. more...

Megatops txtMemo v1.5b [Apr 25, 2006]
txtMemo is a memopad replacement supports TXT plain text format directly. more...

Memo++ v1.1 [Aug 24, 2002]
With Memo++ you can manage all your memos in folders and subfolders just like you do with files on your desktop computer (i. more...

MemoManager v1.01 [Nov 9, 2010]
MemoManager is a utility designed to make memo handling easier, more fun, and more efficient. more...

Memosplit v1.0 [Dec 28, 2010]
There is a somehow mysterious size limit of 4 kb for palm memos, on the handheld device memos can be larger than 4 kb. more...

MessagEase Fast Text Entry System v5.4 [Oct 6, 2004]
MessagEase is the fastest and most ergonomic text entry system for Palm. more...

MessagEaseKB v4.0 [Mar 15, 2004]
If you are tired of entering text using Graffiti or Palm keyboard, try this innovative software! Graffiti may work for short, unhurried text! But, it is inaccurate and slow. more...

Message Maker v2.0.1 [Jan 1, 2003]
Creates simple messages that you can edit or change. more...

MIDP for PalmOS v1.0 [May 15, 2003]
Install this software to run WILDEC products and other J2ME applications. more...

Multitasker v0.99 [Jul 27, 2006]
This program allows you to run 4 multitasking-enabled yBasic applications at the same time (three in the background and one in the foreground). more...

Multitasker by DoMore Software v1.0C [Apr 16, 2007]
Multitasker is a next-generation Palm software platform, allowing multitasking of up to 10 compatible applications. more...

NBD-9000 LX Skin v1.00 [Apr 12, 2006]
NBD-9000 Launcher X skin for Palm OS5 devices. more...

Newpen v1.4 [May 24, 2008]
Newpen allows you to use the screen as the graffiti area instead of silkscreen. more...

Noia SkinUI Skin v1.0 [Jan 4, 2006]
Based off the popular Noia themes for Windows, this Noia skin for SkinUI will give your palm a boost of colour and liveliness. more...

Notap v1.3 [Mar 29, 2011]
Notap allows you to select any address book record without using the stylus, it does this quickly, easily and intuitively, using the six hardware keys on your PDA. more...

OKey v1.2.3 [Mar 16, 2004]
OKey is the extension for selecting a control of a form by CLIE Keyboard, Jog, Palm 5 way navigation key and [OK] or [Cancel] button by keyboard. more...

OneKey v0.5.2 [Nov 17, 2010]
OneKey reassigns the buttons of your Palm to perform multiple tasks allowing faster access to execute applications. more...

OneTapSync v0.5.B [Jun 17, 2003]
OneTapSync is a FREEWARE application that starts a (Local or Modem/Network) HotSync with only one tap. more...

OS6 DIA Skin v1.0 [May 18, 2005]
This skin is for the Dynamic Input Area (DIA) of the T3. more...

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.: New Software :.
StonesJong v1.0
4 Win Deluxe v1.10
Ishido v1.0
Sigma v1.1
Reflax v1.1
HAXX v1.0
Meteors v1.21
Fortune Wheel v1.2
PickAwinner v0.3c
Hearts by Leo
Alien Terrain v2.1
Fish v1.0
MineHunt v4.1
Snails v2.6
Metal Corps v0.3b
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.: New PPC Software :.
Countdown Alarm v3.0
F1 2011 Mobile v1.17
Metro v5.9.7
LateReader v0.27
OPENWEBRADIO v2.0 beta 2
SmartEndKey v1.0
Kalculator v0.12
myPlayer v2.200
WinMoDof v1.6
SonarCE v1.30
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.: New PC Software :.
EMDB v1.46
Core FTP LE v2.2.1741
foobar2000 v1.1.12 b5
NetSetMan v3.4.3
phpMyAdmin v3.5.1
Free Download Manager
RegRun Reanimator v6.9.7..
AkelPad v4.7.5
Prime95 v27.7
PNotes v9.0.104 Beta
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