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Graffiti Anywhere v1.5.9

Size: 64 KB
Date: January 16, 2007 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.5
  • X-Master or EVPlugBase
  • GrfAnywhere1.5.9.zip

Author: Thierry Escande
Email: tescande@free.fr

Graffiti Anywhere allows you to use the Graffiti recognition system anywhere on the screen.

Press and hold the datebook hard button and stroke directly on the screen.

As in the Graffiti area, stroke letters on left side and digits on right side.
It really improves your Graffiti accuracy.

Update Description:
ver 1.5.9 (01/15/2007):
- Added support for Treo 680.

ver 1.5.8 (09/01/2005):
- Added support for Treo700p.

ver 1.5.6 (01/04/2005):
- Add support and fix bugs for Treo650 devices.
- CapsCrossing feature now works for Sony NX devices.
- Activation state is now restore when enabled afer reset.
- Add 9 pixels corner for "Tap screen corner" activation method.
- Smoother stroke drawing.

ver 1.5.4 (04/15/2004):
- Bug fix: Treo600 devices seemed not to receive GA inputs anymore.
- Bug fix: Erratic behaviors with Treo600 devices.
- Activation state was not restored after HotSync if "Disable during HotSync" is checked.

v1.5.2 (04/07/2004):
- Added an option to disable virtual silkscreen icons

ver 1.5.1 (04/02/2004):
- Fixed VoiceMemo detection for Tungten T3.
- Fixed a bug causing GA not ot be reactivated after upgrading from HotSync.
- Updated documentation.

ver 1.5.0 (03/31/2004):
- Added new activation method (By tapping a screen corner)
- Added virtual silkscreen icon in command bar (launcher and find)
- Added support for TapWave Zodiac
- Added support for landscape mode
- Fixed crash which may occur with native ARM applications (like HotSync)
- Fixed JogDial and back button detection for Sony TH55.


* [Sep 26, 2007] by Zeke
I just bought a used Zire71, it too can do this on it's own.

* [Jul 16, 2007] by Zeke
My Palm z22 can already do this on it's own.

***** [Feb 21, 2007] by Undrline
I'm still crazy about this app after all these years. It works just fine on my Palm Treo 680, without any hacks. Funny that they would leave the underlying Graffiti file in the OS, and not give you Graffiti capability. I'm glad you're staying on top of this and updating it for the newer OS's. Thank you. I do have one small problem - it waits to write a letter until I've completed writing the next letter. I think it's waiting to see if your L is going to become an I or something, even though this happens with all letters and symbols. This is fine, but annoying if you're done writing, to have to write an extra letter and delete it. I'm going to see if there's a way to give feedback through the homepage to take care of this minor bug.

***** [Jan 30, 2007] by JMAC
Great program because it works very well. Picked up the "i" and the "?" very quickly. Make the dot for the "i" above and to the right with a slight NE direction. Make the dot for the "?" below and to the right with the same type stroke.

***** [Jan 2, 2007] by Peter Hugosson-Miller
Excellent! Worked first time on my Palm Treo 680, without needing the suggested X-Master or EVPlugBase apps. Well worth the $10 donation via PayPal.

*** [Oct 11, 2006] by David
Good, easy to configure, however I have this strange feeling this is the program that is erasing my whole IIIxe PDA.. :( as I am going to delete it and try and see if it is..

** [Sep 8, 2006] by Clie Patra
Cannot write the letter i on TH55. Ditched it, installed Jot. Happy now.

**** [Mar 28, 2006] by Peteyboy
This is very reasonable for Graffiti writers using Treos to use, and a great alternative for the price of free. I like the onscreen feedback with the wider line and the char/digit separator a lot, and the hot corner activation (with screen flash to indicate the change) very simple and easy. The key to not thinking Graffiti Anywhere isn't going to work for you lies in remembering the back-tick for dotting "i"s, which I kept forgetting and eventually led me to consider paying for a commercial product. Graffiti Anywhere is fussy in some situations (especially noticeable when you are writing in Datebook), but not much moreso that more expensive apps. By way of contrast, Tealscript will learn your style (for $30 for the Treo 600), and has the capability off the shelf to recognize Graffiti 1 strokes for stuff like ? and $, which is very nice (but for $30...). Also since you can teach it, you can develop your own style, and ditch evil Graffiti 2. I didn't have much time to mess with the customization, so I didn't appreciate it enough to buy it, and even with the long, fair trial, I returned to using Graffiti Anywhere. I despise Palm's Graffiti 2, especially when things like $ are now *4* pen strokes (from 2!). But one workaround to help you with Graffiti Anywhere is to remember that even though the Treo has a keyboard, it still supports Palm Graffiti shortcuts (in the Prefs app). I added a shortcut for $ and one for ? (which on the shortcuts screen, you can just use the keyboard to type in, making it the last time you'll have to type it). So now I have to do the shortcut loop+ "s" for $ (2 strokes again), and shortcut+q for question mark (which as others have said, seems nearly impossible to do in graffiti anywhere).

**** [May 5, 2005] by Kurt
This is a great program making the Palm 600 more usable eliminating need for it's very cumbersome keyboard. Writing an "i" however took me a lot of practice, but got used to it. Be sure to start the second stroke above and to the right of the first stroke and make it short and diagonal upward. It will work. The question mark however I never got it. Does anyone know how to make a "?". According to instructions you should draw it normally then follow with a diagonal stroke near the bottom. If you know how, please email me at krobson@yahoo.com. thanks. KR

**** [Feb 14, 2005] by Ken Yeung
Works well on my Treo 650. Version 1.5.7 does NOT need XMaster on OS5 devices, please update the min. req. info.

***** [Feb 11, 2005] by Robert Lee (Hong Kong)
Yeah, man, it's OK with the Palm m515 on OS 4.1 English. Been using it since it first came out. Many thanks for still making this freeware.

***** [Jan 25, 2005] by Ruddy
Excellent, but seems that I cannot input 'i' character on my treo 600. Is it a bug or ?

**** [Sep 8, 2004] by Harold M
I have recently bought a T|T and this program is very useful because I donīt need to open the slide. But, this program does not recognize the tap function of the graffiti. This is something that has to be fixed so the program can replace the graffiti area completely.

***** [May 1, 2004] by Young
GOOD GOOD GOOD! I'm using Tungsten T... this help me to write my notes without opening my slide... Thank you!

***** [Apr 27, 2004] by Chris
it's a great application for TG50!!

*** [Apr 22, 2004] by tigakub
I was very excited about being able to use graffiti on my new treo 600. Keyboard entry is so cumbersome. However, what was wrong with the old graffiti? Why did palm have to switch to jot?!?!? It's exceedingly difficult to enter an 'i' because the treo 600 intercepts the dot on the i as a tap. Which is why the smart people who developed the original graffiti never used taps as an input method. And if you think 'i's are hard, try the question mark, the exclamation point, the division symbol. I guess I can tolerate not using those symbols, but do you know how many words in the english language contain the letter 'i'?!?

*** [Apr 19, 2004] by Neil Simmonds
Its ok my Zire 71 has that built in and that it is hard to play games using the hard buttons!

***** [Apr 19, 2004] by Eizhan
This freeware is good works great on my m550.

***** [Apr 1, 2004] by MM
I'd rather lose my appointments diary than not have this feature on my Tungsten.

***** [Mar 26, 2004] by Raymond
good program but guys you dont have to hold down a button to write. Go into the program and in the folder acivation beside method click short press toggles, then select the button you want to press to activate Graffiti Everywhere. Make sure you check single tap recognition, now you can just press the button once to activate it instead of holding it down.

***** [Feb 21, 2004] by T
MOST EXCELLENT. For the past week I have finally gotten my Treo600, I have liked it. But having been a Pilot user since the very first day that it was sold many years ago, I felt something was missing in the Treo- the ability to write Graffitti is so central to the Palm experience. With your software package, I now LOVE my Treo. It is now complete. Thank you.

***** [Jan 18, 2004] by Daniel
Bravo Thierry!!! I have a Treo 600. Your program works perfectly. The idea to have a button pressed when there is a need to use graffiti is fantastic. I was using popular software which are always working in the background. This makes it very difficult to use the pen for non graffiti purposes.

***** [Jan 10, 2004] by F Chenier
Wow ! It's incredible ! It works perfectly on my Clié SJ22. I think I'm gonna activate it for all my programs.

***** [Jan 6, 2004] by Jeff Hoyt
I just purchased a Treo 90 with thumbboard, but no silkscreen area. I still wanted graffiti input ability, so I installed Graffiti Anywhere, and have been extremely pleased! It is highly configureable, fast, and accurate. I also tried Newpen 1.4, but was rather disappointed with its performance compared to Graffiti Anywhere. Having the ability to input data using the thumbboard or graffiti is great. Thanks for an incredibly good program!

***** [Dec 5, 2003] by Ash
Great app. Works fantastically. Ignore some of the above users ranting on about having to hold down buttons to use it and not being able to customise which button it maps to. I'm 13 and I know! Very good and fantastically working idea. Flawless!

***** [Nov 2, 2003] by M Tan
Works great on my Clie PEG-TG50 which integrates a thumb-keyboard but does not have a dedicated graffiti panel anyway. Now the full colour screen comes to play.

** [Oct 28, 2003] by Sean Johnson
It sounds like it should rock, but I can not get it to work on my I-500, and I really wish I could. If you fix this let me know, I would be stoked.

**** [Sep 30, 2003] by Lennaert M
Great program! Being left-handed, I'm only wondering if it's possible to somehow swap the letter/number-spaces, so I can write the letters on the right?

***** [Jun 23, 2003] by Pigman
A must have. The most important util on my palm.

***** [Jun 5, 2003] by Chrys
Wonderful! The only thing I'd change would be if you could somehow see a whole word at a go before it faded off, which is the one PPC feature I see that I'd like. But in any case, cool hack, great little program.

**** [Jun 5, 2003] by Chrys
Great idea. Is there any way to have the wheel work for volume when the screen is on hold, or is that wishing too hard. Hack works as advertised on a Clie sj-33.

***** [Jun 2, 2003] by Peter Schwob
This new version does not work with Palm Tungsten T. When I enable it then I have to make a soft Reset after crash. The old v1.3.1 works fine.

** [May 30, 2003] by Jeff Mart
The 1.3.1 version worked fine in my IIIxe (with OS 4.1). Just crashed some times. This 1.4.1 version crashed *all* times that I tried to launch it.

***** [May 10, 2003] by JLD
Ver 1.3.1 works perfect on my Treo 90. I like it better than Newpen.

***** [Mar 28, 2003] by Joe
Compared to Screenwrite (a shareware) this program is much better. It has the advantage of turning the program off for certain applications and more importantly it is "on demand", i.e. it is not automatically on. It works well with BugMe. Wish list: automatic recognition for capital letter as implemented in ScreenWrite. A much have utility.

***** [Mar 24, 2003] by Nicolas Regis
Very very good app..

***** [Mar 13, 2003] by Steve
Makes graffiti a lot easier. I just wish there was some other way to automatically activate it except to hold down a hard button. But even so, I really like this program.

***** [Jan 23, 2003] by Igor
I must agree - FANTASTIC.
I have some ideas for author:
- Option to automatically activate GA when textbox gets focus (i.e. there is text cursor).
- Option to activate GA somewhere on the screen (without hard buttons.)

***** [Jan 22, 2003] by BillC
FANTASTIC!!! Give this a try - V1.2 fixed the issue of holding down the button, I can't wait to see what else is on 1.3. Works perfectly on my M130.

***** [Dec 4, 2002] by Bobby
FANTASTIC!!!! I have the Palm Tungsten T and I was looking for a program so I could write on the screen without the need of opening the graffiti area. Now i just hold the recorder button down and presto there is the text. The only thing I have found is I can't write at full speed like I could before!

* [Nov 12, 2002] by fnm
Doesn't work in my Handera 330.

*** [Nov 11, 2002] by Jen
Wow, it's great, but I have to hold down the button as I write, and in the screen where you pick which button to press, it's opposite... like i have memo selected, and datebook works, but if I have datebook selected, memo works.... great idea though:)

**** [Nov 5, 2002] by Andreas Schreiner
Works well on a 505, makes a IIIc crash.

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