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Free Checking v1.1

Size: 34 KB
Date: December 26, 2007 (Updated)
Type: Freeware
  • Any hardware
  • Palm OS v3.5
  • fc-rel11.zip

Author: Iota Handworks
Email: sumopeacock@earthlink.net

Free Checking is a simple, single account checkbook ledger for Palm OS compatible handhelds.

It is intended to serve as a replacement for the paper ledger books usually distributed with wallet style blank checks.

Features include:
- Shows ending balance or cleared balance.
- Full range of transaction types.
- Memory field for quick data entry.
- Automatic check numbering.
- Full range of sorting options.
- Filtered views for simple reports.
- Transaction purging by age.
- Search text fields using silkscreen Find button.
- Source code available upon request. GPL license.


***** [Mar 30, 2008] by Jerry Miller
It downloaded with no problems. It appears to be simple and direct without a lot of complicated steps to follow. Aloha from Maui-Mahalo.

***** [Jan 4, 2008] by Marty (Costa Mesa)
I bought a Palm Centro two weeks ago today, and have just downloaded, for what is actually the third time, Free Checking. Tell Boo Boo Burger, who was the last one to comment, that it does work! In fact, I just set up all of my bank transactions for 2008, leaving out 2007 and all the other years before it, and there are so many color choices, too. Alas, the banking transactions are confidential, but Free Checking is the one!

*** [Dec 16, 2007] by Boo-boo burger
Frozen at "fatal alert" doesn't necessarily mean your device is useless, a nd it's not the fault of the site, but the program you tried to install. The first thing you should try, if you havent' done so, is a hard reset-push the end of a paperclip into the pin hole in the back of your device while pressing down on the power button (if you have a Zire 71, as I do, slide it open to expose the camera lens), then resync, and all your information on your desktop should be restored. If the device won't even respond to that, let the battery run dead, then recharge. I had a Teal program that caused my 71 to seemingly freeze permanently, and the only thing I could do was let the battery run dead, recharge, and begin anew.

* [Jan 30, 2007] by Somebody Please Help
I too fell victim to "Fatal Alert" and my Palm is Frozen and will not work. Anyone have any ideas?

* [Jan 29, 2007] by Angry Student
5 seconds after opening this application, my Palm froze up with a "Fatal Alert" message and is now uselss. I've donwloaded several applications from this site and never had a problem until now. I will not be using this site again as my problem was a "fatal" one and now I have nothing.

***** [Jan 14, 2007] by Mum
I use it every day! This program is simple, yet easy to keep up with. The nuts & bolts of personal finance.

***** [Dec 3, 2006] by ss15
Simple yet useful program. it lets me keep track of my money. I can't copy the info to a spreadsheet, though.

**** [Nov 10, 2006] by Lou
Great program! I have been using it for 2 months now. I really like the functionality of the program. Does exactly what it states it will do. I didn't give it five stars because I think it should have an export to spreadsheet function. If you did that, then it would be perfert/excellent.

***** [Oct 15, 2006] by Jack Teo
Very good program simple and easy to use that's what most people want a account balance sheet on your palm as it record and go. One request can we have a field for account number and the amount should have been a caculated field not hand written...thanks

***** [Jun 5, 2006] by brblne
I like this checking program better than the other ones I tried. I like that you press "new" and enter data on another screen and when you press "ok", you return back to all the checkbook entries screen. Very clean and simple program. I don't really like when the amounts and data type are automatically entered when you type in a payee that the amounts changes monthly or stores that you pay different amounts or pay differently. Other than that I still like this checking program the best.

*** [May 4, 2006] by Damianus
+Stable on Palm Garnet 5.4. + Great color interface; looks promising - Did not fit my need as there is NO export to memo function. Que' Pena!

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